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Saturday, April 01, 2006

little Mick

about us...

As group of bloggers and journalists we've decided to form the first Slugger O'Toole tribute blog.This will be, as Slugger is described as; a news and research portal, looking at various strands of political aspects of life in Northern Ireland. It'll bring together comment from a full range of the political spectrum that should be of interest to the specialist and the general reader. SluggerO'Fool runs on a blogspot technology, which allows us to connect audiences in Northern Ireland and throughout the world. We track parallel issues in the Republic of Ireland, Britain and the wider world, focusing on particular subject areas like the economy, cultural issues or the environment. The primary language of Slugger O’Fool is English, but from time to time we also blog in Irish & Ulster Scots. Slugger O'Fool is edited and written by researcher and political analyst Little Mick, with a growing team of bloggers from across the political spectrum.Slugger O'Fool records news, commentary and diverse opinion on Northern Ireland.